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We provide a broad range of services to help clients secure a sound financial future. In addition to the core services listed below, we provide customized services to address our clients in the manufacturing, service and not-for-profit industries.

Our services are very comprehensive. Call for an evaluation of your tax, accounting, and general business needs. Compare the difference between what you are presently doing and what we can do for you. These are some of the standard services we provide:

Small Business Accounting Services
We offer the full range of other accounting services to help keep your business running smoothly. Our accounting services include: Monthly Operating Statements, Bank Reconciliations, Payroll, Audit Trails, Balance Sheet, Financial Graphs and Budgets. We realize that most small businesses cannot afford a full-time accountant but still need the expertise at times. We are there when you need us! More information...

Monthly Operating Statements
These provide a monthly look at where you stand, helping you to act on a problem or seize an opportunity before it's too late. Every month we review your financial picture and alert you to those areas that need your attention. Watching your bottom line can often help improve it.

Bank Reconciliations
We prove out your bank balance every month and advise you of any bank charges, bank errors, or arithmetic mistakes on your part so you know exactly how much cash is available for spending.

Payroll Registers
These records on each and every employee are required by law and help us to prepare your payroll tax returns.

Audit Trail
We provide a record of transactions for you in case of an audit. We arrange the format so you can use it to understand in more detail how the dollars come together on your operating statement.

Balance Sheet
A snapshot of cash balances, accounts receivable, taxes owed, etc. This is particularly useful to your banker when they are trying to make decisions about a loan.

Financial Graphs
These graphs help you understand, at a glance, financial data such as monthly sales trends, expenses, profits, etc.

We can help you draw up a plan of action for the year. Throughout the year we can track the progress you are making toward your goals.

Proactive Tax Planning
The best time to save money on your taxes is four to sixteen months before they are due, and this requires expert planning. We provide one-on-one proactive tax counsel to meet your unique personal and business needs. The typical client benefits the most from expert tax advice in: Year-end strategic planning to help minimize your tax liability; Effective and timely structuring of your personal and business transactions; Executive compensation planning; Money-saving self-employment and payroll strategies; Successful retirement and estate planning.

CDFA® (Certified Divorce Financial Analyst)

Divorce can be difficult and often financial litigation is needed. CDFA® professionals have specialized skills and experience that enable them to analyze the long-term financial impact of divorce. We help you by addressing the unique financial issues around divorce with data that can achieve more equitable settlements.  A CDFA® professional is your go-to financial expert throughout the divorce process. More information...

Tax Return Preparation
Preparing your own income tax return can be a task that leaves you with more questions than answers. According to a study released by the US Government's General Accounting Office, most taxpayers (77% of 71 million taxpayers) believe they benefited from using a professional tax preparer.

Business Formation
Including start-up, expansion, and sale of a business. Many important decisions and financial commitments are involved in starting a new business or selling an old one. The tax effects can be dramatic without careful consideration and thoughtful planning.

IRS Audit Representation
As a valued client we will be available to you in dealing with the IRS and other taxing authorities. We will represent you and assist you in preparing for audits and appeals conferences. We also provide expert counseling on technical tax issues, penalty assessments, and negotiations to resolve payment of tax deficiencies.

Not-For-Profit Organizations
Our firm has extensive experience in the area of Not-For-Profit organizations including filing for exempt status, meeting Federal reporting guidelines, developing and implementing fund accounting systems, and creation and use of budgets.

Business Planning
Establishing short-term and long-term goals and effective methods of achieving them is essential to successful business management. Our firm can assist you in developing a comprehensive business plan that will help you identify and achieve your goals.

Consulting Services
Our most important goal is to assist you and your company in increasing after-tax profitability. The close working relationship we share with our clients gives us a better understanding of their overall financial goals. We offer a broad array of valuable consulting services including: cash management, risk management (insurance), financing, business valuation, compensation and benefit plans, computer-based accounting systems, succession planning for family-owned businesses, mergers and acquisitions, health care, compliance with government regulations, litigation support, software evaluation and setups.

Internal Controls Review
We will help you protect your assets by analyzing and improving your existing internal control systems. We are available to identify areas of vulnerability and recommend long-term solutions.

Organizational Consulting
Our team can provide expert advisory services to assist you with such issues as organizational structure, job descriptions, performance appraisal, teambuilding, communications, and other human resource concerns.

Diagnostic Review
Interested in achieving more efficient and profitable operations? Have our team perform a diagnostic review of your business operations to pinpoint those areas where efficiency and profitability can be enhanced.

Banking Relationships
Our firm can provide valuable assistance in establishing, maintaining, or expanding current banking relationships. We assist you to professionally organize and prepare your all-important banking proposal.

Reviewed or Compiled Financial Statements
When more in-depth financials are required (e.g., for a grant or a large loan) we can help.

Business Valuations
When your company is involved in a merger, business start-up, acquisition, or liquidation, it is important that your accounting firm provide expert advice in properly structuring the transition. We have extensive experience in handling business transactions that can affect your company's profitability. In addition, we act as independent consultants, offering you objective assistance to establish methods of business valuation and to perform due diligence.

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