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CDFA® (Certified Divorce Financial Analyst)

Divorce can be difficult and often financial litigation is needed. We can help. Please call for an appointment.

What is a CDFA® Professional?

Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA®) professionals have specialized skills and experience that enable them to analyze the long-term financial impact of divorce. These professionals have met specific education, experience and ethical requirements, and have been designated CDFA® professionals by the Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts™ (IDFA™).

How Can a CDFA® Professional Help You?

We help you by addressing the unique financial issues around divorce with data that can achieve more equitable settlements. Through the financial analysis process, a CDFA® processional can help you think through the real cost of divorce and develop a realistic picture of your financial situation as you transition to a new lifestyle.

A CDFA® Professional Can Help You Understand:

  • Personal vs. Marital Property
  • Valuing and Dividing Property
  • Retirement Accounts and Pensions
  • Spousal and Child Support
  • Splitting the House
  • Tax Problems and Solutions

How Do You Benefit?

A CDFA® professional is your go-to financial expert throughout the divorce process. We are trained to watch out for adverse tax consequences, to demystify financial decisions and investments, and to provide analysis that will help you understand which assets to keep and which assets to let go of.

Benefits to working with a CDFA® professional include:

  • Having peace of mind that your settlement is financially feasible
  • Hearing an objective viewpoint during an emotional situation
  • Getting expert advice about your unique financial needs

QDRO Services

Dividing assets can be tricky during a divorce, with retirement accounts having some of the most complex rules.  A Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) is a court order that allocates a portion of a retirement account to an "alternate payee" (usually a former spouse) during divorce proceedings. Without a QDRO, a former spouse has no rights to the retirement account even if a divorce decree says the retirement account should be divided. We have trained staff to assist you with the drafting of a QDRO and answer any questions you have regarding this document.

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