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Top 10 Estate Planning Mistakes
Now that you have read A Tale of Two Families, you hopefully have a better understanding of why estate planning can be so valuable. This article will help uncover some of the most commonly overlooked aspects of estate planning and some easy ways to avoid its pitfalls.

The Tale of Two Families
Well-illustrated stories about Joseph Robbie and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis help to understand the two sets of federal estate tax laws. These two sets of laws, as defined by this article, are either for the ignorant or the informed. This article can help you protect your estate from taxes with different opportunities for estates as large as $1 million, $10 million, and even up to $100 million??-free!

Estate Planning: Protecting Your Family
Everything you own at the time of your death may be considered to be part of your estate. This usually includes your home, bank accounts, insurance policies, and any other important assets. Have you thought about what will happen to all of these things when you're gone and where the control of these things will be? A carefully developed estate plan can save your estate recipients and your family a lot of trouble. Read this article to find out what goes into an estate plan.

Financial Planning Checklist
Once you've finished with your year-end filing, and your return is on its way to the IRS, take a minute to consider these questions concerning short and long-term financial goals, IRAs, Keoghs, employee benefits, your children(s)' education, emergency funds, and many others. These planning techniques can help you decide if the money you have left over is really left over money!

Are You Getting Good Financial Advice?
Finding financial guidance is easy, judging the worth of it can be a much tougher task. Even hiring a professional adviser is no guarantee you?get great advice. If you?paying someone for a personalized plan, you especially want to make sure you?getting your money?orth. Don't just look at the numbers, what's your gut telling you?

Swap Tactic Lets You Defer Capital-Gains Tax
"Like-Kind Exchange" can apply to many kinds of real estate trade-ups. Section 1031 is valuable to those involved in trading and can also be very tricky (and costly) if not carefully executed. This article is an interesting introduction to section 1031 and highlights many of its advantages along with some important planning tips.

Are You A Tax Time Bomb?
Learn the Six Commandments for Staying Out Of Jail and how simple they really are to follow. The last thing we all want is a painful and expensive federal audit. When executed, these six items can help you sleep soundly at night.

IRS Targets: What To Do If You're One Of Them
The IRS targets 4 types of taxpayers for regular audits. If you're self employed, work out of your house, hire independent contractors, or haven't filed a return recently, here's what to do.

How To Neutralize The IRS's Power
Considering that that the IRS is solely responsible for collecting Federal taxes and imposing penalties for late, understated, or evasive filings, the IRS poses one of the largest financial threats to many individuals and business owners. Here's how to neutralize their power.

How To Avoid An Audit Completely
Successfully avoiding audits, while still claiming significant deductions is possible if you follow 11 simple steps.

Yearly Tax Calendar
Although timing of some activities is critical, it's important to review all tax considerations from the perspective of your specific needs and establish an individualized planning calendar. This short article highlighting key points of yearly tax planning, broken up into quarters, is a great guide to model your customized plan by.

Current Tax Rates
The tax rates seem to change every year. Here's this years rates.

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