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Williamson & Company P.C.

Community Involvement

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Williamson & Company P.C. is a strong supporter of being involved in your local community. We consider ourselves part of the “bigger family” and by giving back we improve the quality of life in our communities. 

Small Business of the Year Awards

Being an entrepreneur and a small business owner, Alan Williamson supports many Chamber of Commerce activities. In particular, he regularly sponsors the Small Business of the Year Award breakfast and presentation.

Save a Tree Campaign

The staff of Williamson & Company P.C. believe it is important to embrace technology and a paperless office. Not only is this important for busy clients who want convenience, but also to reduce our environmental damaging footprint.

Williamson & Company P.C. has the potential to kill over 400 trees a year without the use of digital technology. We believe this is unacceptable. In response we've launched a Save-a-Tree Campaign. Every client that chooses to have their tax returns delivered digitally and not by paper receives a discount on their fees. In addition, Williamson & Company P.C. will plant a seedling in our National Forests through our Small Business Tree Planting Partnership.

Employee Work at Home Benefit

Allowing employees to work from home when possible helps reduce the hours cars are on the road and allows our staff workday options in their lives. We support remote options to reduce car emissions, stressful commutes, and flexibility for employee work/family balance.

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